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How Do I Unsave My Self-Service Password?

If you previously selected "Save this password in your password list" on the log in screen, or if your password is popping up everytime you go to log in, your password has been saved into your browser. This will allow anyone to access your personal Self-Service account from your computer. To make your account secure, you need to undo your password save.  To clear your password from your browser, follow the directions below.
When you log in, make sure there is no check mark in the box next to the "Save this password in your password list" as shown below.
screen shot of self service login box

From your browser toobar, click Tools then select Internet Options from the drop down menu.

screen shot of the self service gateway page showing the tools menu

The Internet Options screen appears.  Click the Content tab at the top.

screen shot of the internet options box with the general tab selected

Under the Personal Information section, click the Auto Complete button.

screen shot of the internet options box with the content tab selected

The AutoComplete Settings screen appears.  Under the "Use AutoComplete for" section, uncheck all fields except for "Web addresses" as shown below.  This will ensure that you are not prompted to save your password in the future. Next, click the Clear Forms button. Click OK when prompted to "clear all previously saved form entries except passwords." Then click the Clear Passwords button. Click OK when prompted to "clear all previously saved form passwords."  Click OK to return to the Content tab.

screen shot of the auto complete settings box

Next, click the General tab at the top of the Internet Options screen.

screen shot of the internet options box with the general tab selected

Under the History section, click the Clear History button.  Click Yes when prompted "Are you sure you want Windows to delete your history of visited Web sites?"

Click OK to exit the Internet Options screen.  Finally, click the refresh button on your Internet Explorer toolbar or hit F5 on your keyboard. The next time you log in, you should be prompted to enter both your MI HR Self-Service User Name and Password.

Your Self-Service password protects the confidentiality of your information and the integrity of the state system. You are responsible for protecting your password from unauthorized use. Don't share it with anyone. Don't keep a copy of it by your computer. We recommend changing your password at least every six months. If you have any concern someone may have seen your password, change it immediately.

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