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Employee HR Services

The MI HR Service Center is available to assist state employees with routine HR issues. A listing of updates and who to contact are provided below.

HR Services provided by the MI HR Service Center
HR Services provided by the Agency Human Resources Office

HR Services provided by the MI HR Service Center
(877) 766-6447

Please Note: Legislative and Judicial staff are not currently served by the MI HR Service Center.

Benefit Information/Changes

- Dental Insurance
- Dependent Life Insurance
- Flexible Spending Accounts
  (Qualified Parking, Medical Care,
   Dependent Care)
- Health Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Long Term Care Insurance
- Long Term Disability Insurance
- New Hire Enrollment for Benefits
- Personnel Files - Benefits/HIPAA
- Reliance Short Term
  Disability Insurance**
- ReliaStar Life Plan**
- Vision Insurance
** (State Police employees only)

Payroll Information/Changes

- Credit Union Deductions
- Direct Deposit (EFT's)
- Federal, State and City
  Tax Deductions
- Friend of the Court (child support)
- Michigan Education Savings
  Plan (MESP)
- Michigan Education Trust (MET)
- Parking Deduction
- Savings Bonds
- SECC Campaign Contributions
- Tax Deferred Payments (TDP)
- Wage Assignments
  (alimony, student loans, IRS, etc.)

Personal Information Changes

- Birth Date
- Dependents (student status)
- Disability Status
- E-mail Address
- Emergency Contact
- Employment Verification
- Ethnicity
- Gender Code
- Home Address
- Home Phone
- Marital Status
- Name or Preferred Name
- Process Level Code Change
  for Re-hired Employees
- Residence City or
  Supplemental Address
- Veterans Status

Open Enrollment

- Flexible Spending Accounts
- Insurance Enrollment
- State Employee Combined
  Campaign (SECC)

MI HR Self-Service Support

- Login & Password Assistance
- Navigation Assistance
- Deferred Compensation
- NeoGov Support

Services provided by the Agency HR Office

Click here for your agency's Human Resource Office phone number. (State intranet users only)

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- Contractual Services Requests
- Disclosure of Interest
- EEO & Civil Rights Activities
- HR Training of Managers &
- Licensure Documents
  for Employees
- Safety Issues
- Supplemental Employment
- Training & Development
  (if applicable)
- Unemployment Claims
- Workforce Planning

Disability Management

- Ergonomic Assessments
- Leaves of Absence
  (Placing on & Returning)
- Reasonable Accommodation
- Worker's Disability


- Establishments
- Reclassifications
- Reorganizations
- Working Out of Class


- Background Checks
- Credential Review
- Drivers License Checks
- Hiring Freeze Exempt
- Interview Panels
- Recruitment Activities
- Reference Checks
- Selection Criteria
- Selection File
- Vacancy Postings

Compensation & Benefits

- Beneficiaries
- COBRA Notification
- Death of Employee or
- Departures (All)
- Gross Pay Adjustments
- Group 4 Employees Pay
- Hire Transactions
- Job Changes
- Layoff/Recall Transactions
- Lump Sum Awards
- Military Service Credit
- Orientation to Department
- Overtime Exemption Approvals
- Payroll Processing &
- Performance Management
- Personnel File (Official)
- Process Level Code Change for
  Inter/Intra Department Transfer
- Retirements
- Separation Payoffs
- Social Security Number
- Step & Grade Changes
- Step Increases
- Union Dues
- Work Phone Number

Labor Relations

- Arbitrations
- Grievance Activities
- Labor Relations Issues
- Pre-Employment Drug Test
- Random Drug Testing
- Union Transfer Requests

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