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How are MME Testing Dates Established? (revised 5-11-09)

Careful consideration is given by the BAA when establishing MME testing dates. Unfortunately, regardless of which dates are chosen, it's impossible to avoid every scheduling conflict. For this reason, and due to the unpredictability of student illness and injury, the BAA establishes both MME initial testing dates and MME make-up dates.

The BAA establishes MME testing dates with several factors in mind, and in this order:

  1. LAW

    The following establishes the range of possible dates:

    • Michigan law (Public Act 451 of 1976, as amended) requires that the MME be administered no earlier than March 1 and no later than June 1 each year.

    The following indicate that the MME must be given as early as possible to allow sufficient time for scores to be returned for score reporting, AYP reporting, and AYP appeals:

    • Michigan law (Public Act 451 of 1976, as amended) requires that MME scores be returned to schools and students before the start of the next school year. This makes it imperative to administer the MME as early as possible.
    • Michigan law (Public Act 94 of 1979, as amended) requires the MDE to give schools an opportunity to review school accountability ratings and appeal them before such ratings are made public.
    • The federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) designations for individual schools based on a given school year be made public before the beginning of the next school year.
    • Federal regulations (Federal Register, Vol. 73, No. 210) surrounding NCLB require AYP designations be available to schools in time for schools to notify parents of school choice options at least 14 days before the beginning of the next school year.

  2. ACT

    Two of the three MME testing days consist of ACT components, so we cannot establish MME testing dates without ACT's approval. ACT, Inc. prohibits us from administering the MME within a specified number of days before or after a national ACT testing date.

  3. AP and IB

    Test dates for the Advanced Placement Program are established by The College Board. International Baccalaureate test dates are established by the International Baccalaureate Organization. We try to avoid these national testing dates because many schools offer AP and IB courses.


    With new flexibility offered by ACT, Inc., the MME was moved to one week earlier starting in Spring 2011. This allows students to take the MME prior to the annual change to Daylight Savings Time.


    We try to be mindful and respectful of holidays/observances that are based on religion. If MME initial testing dates ever conflict with such observances, affected students may take the MME on approved make-up dates.

The following are not factors when establishing MME testing dates because they would place unreasonable limits on available dates:
  • SPRING BREAK is not a viable consideration because it varies widely from school district to school district.

  • NON-ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES can be an important part of a student's life. When MME initial testing dates conflict with sports or other non-academic activities (school plays, band performances, dance recitals, competitions, class trips, vacations, etc.), affected students may take the MME on approved make-up dates. In some instances, however, a conflict between MME testing and a non-academic activity is unavoidable.
Schools ask that we establish and publicize MME testing dates multiple years in advance so they can establish their own school calendars, parents can schedule family vacations, etc. We are usually able to establish MME testing dates two years in advance. Please keep in mind, however, that unexpected circumstances sometimes require a change to established testing schedules.