Proposed Michigan K-12 Science Standards

In 2011, Michigan became a lead state in a 26-state consortium to develop new standards, based upon the Framework for K-12 Science Education from the National Research Council.  Since that time, Michigan’s science education community has been involved in the development and review of the standards, the creation of supplemental resources around these standards, and the development of a professional learning support structure to aid in the implementation of these standards.

Starting in May 2014, the State Board of Education was presented with a series of informational presentations and discussion opportunities around the standards and the impact they would have on students and educators in our state.  The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), at the request of the State Board, engaged in dialogue with individual legislators and other stakeholders to inform them of the standards, and the implementation considerations for adoption.  Along the way, multiple stakeholder groups and their representatives have engaged in dialogue with MDE representatives to further inform the standards and the implementation plan that would support the transition to these standards, if adopted.

The proposed Michigan Science Standards, along with resources that were developed in support of the adoption of these standards, are provided below.  Additional information will be provided based upon the standards adoption process.

Public Information Webinar on Proposed Michigan Science Standards for K-12 (recorded September 16, 2015)

Proposed Michigan K-12 Science Standards

Cut and Cap Version of the Proposed Michigan Science Standards

Draft Guidance Document for Educators, Curriculum Leaders and Assessment Specialists on Michigan Science Standards

Science Standards Informational Brochure

Science Standards Informational Presentation Slides

Frequently Asked Questions on Proposed Michigan K-12 Science Standards (Version 4)

Public Information Survey Responses for Science Standards

Michigan Internal Review Personnel for Science Standards

Michigan Response to Fordham Institute Report

Michigan Response for Climate Change Questions About Michigan Science Standards

Framework for K-12 Science Education

Summary and Background on the Science Standards Development Process

A Content Comparison Analysis for the Next Generation Science Standards Development Process

Letter of Support from Michigan Science Teachers Association


A Vision and Considerations for Science Education in Michigan (Presentations to the State Board of Education):


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