Shared Educational Entities

  • Shared Educational Entities (SEEs) and
    Specialized Shared Educational Entities (S2E2s)

    A SEE or S2E2 has been formed in the past when two or more districts or a consortium cooperate to provide educational services to a group of students. In some cases, SEEs and S2E2s allow more flexibility for reporting in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) among the member districts of a cooperative agreement. The relationship and agreement among member districts is governed by their cooperative agreement. 

    Shared Schools Among Member Districts:

    • Shared Educational Entity (SEE) for Reporting Only
    • Shared Educational Entity (SEE) for Accountability and Reporting - Discontinued


    Shared Programs Among Member Districts:

    • Specialized Shared Educational Entity (S2E2) for Reporting Only
    • Specialized Shared Educational Entity (S2E2) for Accountability and Reporting - Discontinued

    While the SEE/S2E2 for Accountability and Reporting status has been discontinued, the SEE/S2E2 for Reporting Only status in the Educational Entity Master (EEM) will be maintained for financial and other reporting purposes. SEE/S2E2 status allows some flexibility in MSDS records reporting for shared students within a consortium or ISD countywide programs, as SEE/S2E2 status allows districts to report shared students directly to the SEE or S2E2 classroom program building operated by another member within the same consortium or ISD. In these cases, SEEs/S2E2s need to maintain their status so that FTE reporting processes can remain the same between operating and member districts. SEE/S2E2 status will be maintained as is in the EEM moving forward for financial reporting reasons, however this status will not impact accountability reporting.

    For questions or concerns about SEEs/S2E2s, including the former "Sending Scores Back" Program for SEEs/S2E2s for Accountability, please contact Matt Gleason at 877-560-8378, option 3 or

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