Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness (MCEE)

The MCEE is charged by law with an ambitious agenda, one that has tremendous significance for the educational opportunities and outcomes of our state's children. The MCEE will submit to the State Board of Education, the Governor, and the state legislature a report that identifies and recommends all of the following:

-A student growth and assessment tool.
-A state evaluation tool for teachers.
-A state evaluation tool for school administrators.
-Changes to the requirements for a professional teaching certificate.
-A process for evaluating and approving local evaluation tools for educators that are consistent with the state evaluation tool for teachers and administrators and the act.

Executive Order No. 2012-3: Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness

For questions or comments directed to the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness, please contact:

educatoreffectiveness@michigan.gov or call 517-373-3400.

To review MCL 380.1249, please visit the following link: