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Focus SchoolsFocus Schools consist of the ten percent of schools on the Top-to-Bottom list with the largest achievement gaps between its top 30 percent of students and its bottom 30 percent, based on average scale score. In addition to being required by USED for ESEA Flexibility, identifying Focus Schools is a critical step toward Michigan achieving its overriding goal of closing the achievement gap within schools and reducing the achievement gap statewide.

For support on Focus Schools, please contact:

Office of Education Improvement and Innovation


For support with the Top-to-Bottom Ranking, please contact:

Office of Evaluation, Strategic Research and Accountability (OESRA)
877-560-8378 or

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Overview and List

• 2012-13 Focus Schools List (For Print) PDF icon

• 2012-13 Focus Schools Policy Brief PDF icon

• At-A-Glance Overview of Focus Schools PDF icon

Policy Documentation

• Understanding Focus School Status PDF icon

• 2012-13 School Ranking Business Rules PDF icon

• Focus School Metric Modification for 2012-2013: Technical Advisory Council PDF icon

Supports for Focus Schools

• Focus Schools Quarterly Progress Report PDF icon

• Uploading Priority and Focus Schools Quarterly Progress Reports in GEMS PPT icon

• Webinar on the Requirements for Focus Schools

• Change in Priority Notification Deadline PDF icon

• Data Dialogue Booklet PDF icon

• Screencasts for the Priority/Focus/Reward Preliminary Scorecard Release

• Frequently Asked Questions for Focus Schools - Revised 8/26/13 PDF icon

• Memo on Parent Notification Letters PDF icon

• Information on Choice/Transfer PDF icon

• Parent Notification Process PDF icon

• Memo to Title I Focus Schools PDF icon

• Optional Choice Transfer Transportation Information for Focus Schools PDF icon

• Requirements and Supports for All Focus Schools PDF icon

Data and Tools

• 2012-13 Beating the Odds Individual School Lookup Tool ZIP icon

• 2012-13 Achievement Gap Individual School Lookup Tool Excel icon

• 2012-13 District and School Accountability Master Designations File Excel icon

• 2012-13 Top-to-Bottom Individual School Lookup Tool ZIP icon

• Top-to-Bottom Resources for School Use (Diagnostic Worksheet and Sample Communication) PDF icon

Historical Focus School Information

• 2011-12 Focus School Lookup Tool with School Achievement Gap Data Excel icon

• 2011-12 School Ranking Business Rules PDF icon

• 2011-12 Focus Schools List for Print and Publication PDF icon

• 2011-12 Detailed Facts & Figures on Focus Schools PDF icon

• 2011-12 Combined Facts and Figures on the Top-to-Bottom Ranking, Reward, Focus, and Priority Schools PDF icon

• 2011-12 Accountability Master Results File (Sortable by ISD, District, and School) Excel icon

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