Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a component of MDE’s strategic plan to become a Top 10 state in education in 10 years. To meet this goal, a systematic process is being used to operationalize MTSS. From this work, a Practice Profile will be developed that includes:

· Philosophy 

· Values and Guiding Principles 

· Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for the practice 

· Desired Outcomes

· Components of MTSS and definitions of each component

· Research citations to support each component

· Descriptive, measurable, adult behaviors for each MTSS component at expected, developing, and nonacceptable levels of practice

The process MDE is utilizing to develop the MTSS Practice Profile will include stakeholder feedback and usability testing that will be conducted through the upcoming 2017-18 school year. Usability testing will include several cycles of Gather, Study, Plan, Do as defined by School Improvement processes.  The benefits of a practice profile include: 

· Inclusion of key stakeholders in the development process 

· Greater specificity of MTSS, which leads to more consistent use of the practice

· Common understanding to facilitate the development of effective training protocols, coaching strategies, and fidelity assessments

· Alignment to the organizational and systems supports needed for implementation

· Opportunity to optimize the translation and adaption of MTSS within local context   This process will be used initially within the Transformation Zone in collaboration with Saginaw, Lenawee, and Ingham ISDs.  Data collected during this time will influence the guidance, resources, and professional learning that are developed to support implementation of MTSS. When the use of the Practice Profile has been intentionally refined through use of data and feedback, a final copy will be posted on the MDE website and an official MDE communication will be sent to the field via email.