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For general certification questions and support on the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS), please e-mail our support desk at MOECSSUPPORT@MICHIGAN.GOV or call our support desk at: 517-373-3310

Support desk assistance is available Monday - Thursday 8:05 am to noon and 1:05 pm to 4:55 pm.

All State government offices are closed on the following dates during the holiday season:

Friday December 22nd and Monday December 25th

Friday December 29th and Monday January 1st

Please also visit

Contact: Ms. Leah Breen, Director

Contact: Ms. Krista Ried, Manager of Professional Educator Certification and Services Unit (PECS)

Contact:  Mr. Alex Clark

Out of state evaluations

Contact:  Ms. Beatrice Harrison

Out of state evaluations and School Guidance Counselor License/Endorsement

Contact:  Mr. Jim Sory

Out of state evaluations

Contact: Ms. Debbie LaManna

Certificate Renewals
Certificate Audits

Contact:  Ms. Linda Campbell

Occupational /Temporary Occupational Authorization, School Nurse Certificate

Contact:  Ms. Faye Shepler

Administrator Certificates

Contact:  Ms. Terri Assaf

Permits; Full Year and Substitute

Contact: Mr. Phil Chase, Manager of Professional Accountability Unit (PAU)
Phone:   517-241-3960

Contact:  Ms. Claudia Nicol
Phone:    517-241-4928

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs, formerly known as SB-CEUs)

Contact: Mrs. Stephanie Whiteside
Phone:   517-335-1167

Revocations/Suspensions of Certification, Criminal Convictions, and Fingerprinting for K-12 Employment 

Contact: Ms. Dana Utterback

MTTC data questions 

  Dr. Sarah-Kate LaVan, Manager of Professional Preparation and Learning Unit (PPL)
Phone:    517-335-0874
For All Experimental Programs, and coordinates the review of applications from institutions that wish to offer teacher preparation programs in Michigan.

Contact:  Ms. Donna Hamilton
Phone:    517-241-4546

New Teacher Mentoring and Induction Program and Standards Oversees the development of state standards and guidelines for the induction and mentoring of new teachers in response to Section 1526 of the Revised School Code.
Professional Development Oversees the development of state standards and guidelines for the professional development of all teachers in response to Section 1527 of the Revised School Code and Part 388.1701, Section 101 (11) of the State School Act (2000).
Improving Teacher Quality Competitive Grant Program Oversees the application process, disbursement of funds, and program development.

Contact:  Dr. Sean Kottke

Phone:    517-373-7861

For Specialty Programs: Elementary Education; Language Arts; Bilingual Education; English as a Second Language; World Languages; Fine Arts, and Visual Arts Education; Music Education; Library Media; School Psychology; School Counselor

Contact:  Ms. Edwardeen Jones
Phone:    517-373-9732

Troops to Teachers
Military and Peace Corps Extensions on Certificates 

Updated 4/11/2017