Certification Rules

  • School Administrator Certificate and Continuing Education Requirements
  • Certificate Nullification RulesR 390.1118 Nullification of teaching certificate Rule 18. (1) The holder of a Michigan teaching certificate may request the superintendent of public instruction to immediately nullify his or her teaching certificate or certificate endorsement(s) under section 1532 of 1976 PA 451, MCL 380.1532. (2) Any nullification approved by the superintendent of public instruction shall take effect immediately. (3) Requests for nullification shall be made on an application form provided by the department. An application for nullification may be withdrawn by the applicant any time before the approval. A request shall be made in writing. (4) Any certificate, endorsement, or grade level certification is nullified shall not be reinstated. History: 1992 AACS; 2006 AACS; 2012 MR 10, Eff. May 18, 2012.