School Improvement Grant Resources for Awarded Recipients

2016-17 Spring Bi-annual Networking Event

School Improvement Grant Guides

These guides have been designed as a resource for schools and districts who have been awarded a School Improvement Grant. These guides will focus on key questions that often arise for each of the SIG roles in the school and district

SIG Budget Toolkit

Use the budget development toolkit to create your substantially approvable budget. This toolkit has been designed to assist focus and priority schools in developing substantially approvable budgets using School Improvement Grants.

MDE Indirect Rates

Indirect costs guidelines and current information for local districts.

External Service Provider Information for SIG Section 1003(g)

ESPs provide a wide-range of services, personnel, and support to schools in order to assist them with improving student achievement and student success, engaging in parent and community interaction, building capacity, and developing sustainable programs and practices.

State Systems for Grant Applications and Grant Reporting

The MEIS User Management is a security system, implemented and MEIS logo used with various Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) applications. The login and password issued by the MEIS system will be used for both the MEGS and CMS.


MEGS LoginMEGS plus logo
Submit and amend grants and their supporting budgets

MEGS Security Authorization Form
Complete and submit this form to gain access to MEGS

User Guide: Submitting a SIG Application in MEGS+
Instructions for initiating an application, entering application contact information, uploading application documents, and submitting the application.

User Guide: Submitting a SIG Budget in MEGS+
Helpful instructions for initiating, editing and amending School Improvement Grant budgets.

User Guide: Modifying Users for a SIG Application in MEGS+
Helpful instructions for adding, removing and updating users in MEGS+ for School Improvement Grants.


CMS Login
To access grant funds and grant reporting.CMS icon

CMS Security Authorization Form
Complete and submit this form to gain access to CMS.

User Guide: How to Draw Funds in CMS

User Guide: How to Submit a Final Expenditure Report in CMS

CMS Webinar Watch MDE on YouTube


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