• Migrant Education Program

    Migrant Education - Title I, Part C The Migrant Education Program is designed to support high-quality, comprehensive educational programs for migratory children to help reduce the educational disruptions and other problems that result from repeated moves. The program provides educational and support services to migrant children and youth through both regular school year and summer programs. Children may be eligible if their families have moved within the previous 36 months to obtain temporary or seasonal work in agriculture or fishing. Eligibility is determined through a recruitment process and the completion of a Certificate of Eligibility. Priority is given to children who are not achieving core academic curriculum standards and whose education has been interrupted during the regular school year within the previous twelve months. The program also supports identification and recruitment activities across the entire state, both upper and lower peninsulas, to locate migrant children and inform their families of available services.

    Office of Field Services
    Special Populations Unit

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Grant Applications

  • Title I, Part C - Regular Year The Migrant Regular Year Application is part of the Consolidated Application which is available in the MI Electronic Grants System Plus (MEGS+).
  • Title I, Part C - Summer The Migrant Summer Application is part of the MI Electronic Grants Systems Plus (MEGS+).