2016-17 Title I Comparability (Updated 10/20/16)


Title I Comparability:

  • Worksheet and Certification Memo
  • Worksheets - The following Excel worksheets are designed to be ADA compliant.  However, these may not work for all versions of Excel that Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) are currently using.  For LEAs using Excel 97-2003 or earlier, you should use the version of the Excel worksheets that is labeled Excel 97-2003.  If you have a later version of Excel, you should use the Excel 2007 version.  If neither of these work for you, please contact Norm Malinowski at: MalinowskiN@michigan.gov for the original non-ADA compliant version of these worksheets.
    • Worksheets for LEAs Using Excel 97-2003
    • Worksheets for LEAs Using Excel 2007
  • Directions
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)