Performance Based Funding Status

FY 2015: Spreadsheet with Performance Based Funding Status

The school aid amendments for FY 2015 include Section 22j that allocates funding for districts that meet prescribed student academic achievement goals. Using the metrics approved in the State School Aid Budget, the disbursement (11 monthly payments) begins with each eligible district's October 2014 state school aid payment. These are district-level calculations and every district was potentially eligible for up to $100 per pupil in Performance Based Bonus funding. Using the designated student academic performance-level change metric in the statute, districts could qualify for three parts of the bonus: $30 per pupil for mathematics in elementary and middle school; $30 per pupil for reading in elementary and middle school; and $40 per pupil for all tested subjects in high school. Districts could qualify for none, some, or all, of the per pupil bonus.


Eligible districts will see these funds on the State School Aid Financial Status report in the Section labeled "Current Year Allowances" on a line labeled "22j PERFORMANCE-BASED FUNDING."  Because the funding is based on the district's pupil count, the allowance amounts will change as updated pupil counts are received by the Department.  The spreadsheet shows the 3 Performance Funding Components for which each eligible district qualifies.

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Understanding Performance Based Funding

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Calculation of Performance Based Funding

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FY 2014 Spreadsheet with Performance-Based Funding Status
FY 2013 Spreadsheet with Performance-Based Funding Status