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The Summer Food Service Program is a USDA funded program. It provides cash reimbursements to sponsoring agencies. Sponsors provide nutritionally adequate meals to low-income children or in low-income areas during the summer.  Meals are distributed all around Michigan through various sites. The program is administered at the state level by the Michigan Department of Education.

  • To participate in the Summer Food Service Program, your agency must be a federal tax-exempt agency.
  • If your organization is for-profit, you are not eligible to be a sponsor or a site under this program.

The following questions will help determine your agency's eligibility for program participation:

1. Is your organization/agency one of the following?

Organization Type

2. Does your organization provide a year-round public service to the area in which you intend to provide the Summer Food Service Program?

Year Round Service?

3. Is the population you will serve children ages 1-18? (The program also may be available for children with disabilities enrolled in an educational plan through age 21.)

Ages 1-18?

4. Will you serve

Will you serve:

5. Does your organization have one of the following ways to provide meals?

Ways to provide meals

6. Would your organization accept financial and administrative responsibility for your program and sites?


Depending on your answers to these questions, your agency may be eligible to SPONSOR a Summer Food Service Program and receive cash reimbursements for meals served to children in qualifying areas. If not, your organization may qualify to be a SITE under an existing sponsoring agency and simply receive meals.

Submit this form and a Michigan Department of Education, Summer Food Service Program representative will contact you to provide additional information, options and next steps.