Approved Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE), Companion Documents, and PowerPoints.

The Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations were approved at the April 8, 2008 State Board of Education meeting.

The Physical Education Content Expectations are available in the following documents:

  • Individual kindergarten through eighth grade documents:

Physical Education Kindergarten GLCE
Physical Education First Grade GLCE
Physical Education Second Grade GLCE
Physical Education Third Grade GLCE
Physical Education Fourth Grade GLCE
Physical Education Fifth Grade GLCE
Physical Education Sixth Grade GLCE
Physical Education Seventh Grade GLCE
Physical Education Eighth Grade GLCE

  • (4) Individual Across the Grades Documents: The Across the Grades K-8 document provides a look at each GLCE in a matrix format across the grades.  The expectations have been aligned to show progression of a concept from one grade to the next. The four documents represent the four strands of physical education.
    The best way to view the documents is to print them in landscape view and fold in half to assemble in booklet form.

K-8 Motor Skills and Movement Patterns Across the Grades Document
K-8 Content Knowledge Across the Grades Document
K-8 Fitness and Physical Activity Across the Grades Document
K-8 Personal/Social Behaviors and Values Across the Grades Document

  • Companion Documents:

Kindergarten Alignment Record (MS Word)
Kindergarten Alignment Record (PDF)
First Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
First Grade Alignment Record (PDF)
Second Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
Second Grade Alignment Record (PDF)
Third Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
Third Grade Alignment Record (PDF)
Fourth Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
Fourth Grade Alignment Record (PDF)
Fifth Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
Fifth Grade Alignment Record (PDF)
Sixth Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
Sixth Grade Alignment Record (PDF)
Seventh Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
Seventh Grade Alignment Record (PDF)
Eighth Grade Alignment Record (MS Word)
Eighth Grade Alignment Record (PDF)

Revised Michigan Merit High School Credit Guidelines for Physical Education Document

  • PowerPoint Presentations:

Tier I Overview of the Physical Education Standards, Benchmarks, and GLCE Process 
Tier II Overview of the Kindergarten - High School GLCE Documents, Understanding the GLCEs, and How to Use Them