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Accessing the CHAMPS System

To access the CHAMPS system you must register for your MILogin user ID and password. For instructions on how to obtain a user ID and password as well as subscribe for CHAMPS see MILogin Instructions. Make sure all users in your organization that will need access to CHAMPS receive a MILogin user ID and password.

MDHHS recommends all organizations keep a list of their user IDs. The MILogin user that submits the application, once approved, will become the Provider Domain Administrator for that application. That user will have to assign rights for all other users within the organization.

Additional Resources:

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CHAMPS Subsystems

The CHAMPS System has been divided into multiple subsystems. See below for a description of the subsystems available to Providers

Provider Enrollment (PE):Users can enroll and update provider enrollment data quickly and easily. For complete instructions and further information on how to enroll as a MI Medicaid Provider please visit our Provider Enrollment website.

Additional PE Resources:

Billing Agent QR Guide 

FAO QR Guide 

Group QR Guide 

Individual/Rendering/Servicing QR Guide 

Individual/Sole Proprietor QR Guide 

Manage Enrollment QR Guide 

Associate a Billing Agent & Authorize the 835


 Primary Specialty

My Inbox: Users can retrieve system alerts, change selected domain and profile, view archived documents, (including remittance advices), and upload HIPAA Compliant files directly in CHAMPS.

Additional My Inbox Resources:

My Inbox Functions QR Guide 



Admin: Domain Administrators can add and maintain user access.

Additional Admin Resources:

Admin QR Guide 



Prior Authorization (PA): Users can initiate new and modify existing PA requests through our online web portal or through a 278 HIPAA Transaction.

Additional PA Resources:

PA Inquiry QR Guide 

PA Request QR Guide 


Claims and Encounters (CE): Users can submit claims directly online through a batch upload process or through Direct Data Entry (DDE). Users can also view claims online and complete claim adjustments or replacements.

Additional CE Resources:

Claim Adjustment QR Guide 

Claim Inquiry QR Guide 

Claim Void QR Guide 

DDE Dental QR Guide 

DDE Institutional QR Guide 

DDE Professional QR Guide 

Member: Users can check beneficiary eligibility through an online web portal in CHAMPS.

Additional Member Resources:

Eligibility Inquiry QR Guide 


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CHAMPS Training

For a complete list of Medicaid CHAMPS trainings we offer please visit our training website. To inquire about training please email

Below are the recorded trainings of the virtual presentations conducted. The virtual trainings are presented by our Consultants who specialize in the topic.

CHAMPS Navigation Medicaid Code and Rate Reference Tool New Billing Agent Enrollment Application Process
Dental Training Outpatient Hospital Updates Institutional Level of Care and Patient Pay
Billing Beneficiary and Spend-down Professional Updates Third Party Liability (TPL)
Ramp Manager and Connection Testing Medicare Buy-In How to Adjust/Void Institutional Claim
Nursing Facility EDI Production Hearing Aid Dealer/Center 101
Document Management Portal (DMP) How to Adjust/Void Professional Claim Inpatient Hospital Updates
Timely Filing Ambulance Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
Modernizing Continuum of Care (MCC)    

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Quick Reference Guides


Claim: Adjustment 

Claim: Inquiry 

Claim: Void 

Dental DDE 

Institutional DDE 

Professional DDE 

Provider Enrollment:

Billing Agent 



Individual /Rendering/Servicing 

Individual/Sole Proprietor  

Manage Enrollment 

Additional QR Guides:

Domain Administrator Functions 

Eligibility Inquiry 

My Inbox Functions 

Prior Authorization: Inquiry 

Prior Authorization: Request 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Systems 

Accessing CHAMPS 

Provider Enrollment 

Office Manager SSN 

Prior Authorization


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Select from the list below for additional CHAMPS related resources.

Administrator Functions:

Electronic Signature (DCH1401) 

Manage User List Page for Domain Administrators 



Claim Limit List 

Other Insurance Suspended Claims & Billing Information


Other Insurance Coverage Type Codes 

Paper RA Explanation 

Reason & Remark Codes WPC Website 

TCN Composition Worksheet 

How to Locate Payer ID and Other Health Insurance Information

Third Party Liability

Verifying Claim Adjustment Source 

2018 MDHHS Pay Cycle Calendar

How to Adjust a Claim with Other Insurance 


Benefit Plan Handout & Service Type Codes 



Provider Enrollment: 

How to Assign 835 in CHAMPS 

  Primary Specialty 

 Provider Verification Tool


CHAMPS Navigation

Level of Care Determination (LOCD) Tool within CHAMPS


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Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling, a pre-payment claims process in CHAMPS, uses advanced screening technology to identify Medicaid claims in which there are billing irregularities. Claims flagged by the predictive modeling process will undergo a detailed analysis to determine the next step(s) to be taken.  This may include a review of medical records and/or past claims.  Providers must submit the requested records in a timely manner to avoid denials for lack of documentation.

Resources: Select from the list below to learn more.

Bulletin: MSA 12-65 

Predictive Modeling FAQs  

Predictive Modeling Billing Tips for Hospitals

Medical Request Letter (Sample) 

Document Management Portal (DMP)
Predictive Modeling Messaging


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Document Management Portal (DMP)

MDHHS launched a new enhancement to CHAMPS.  This implementation introduced Phase I of the Document Management Portal (DMP) for CHAMPS users to now access.  This tool will enable providers to electronically submit supporting documentation for Medicaid claims filed electronically through CHAMPS, software vendor or DEG, submit consent forms, and submit records requested for Predictive Modeling requirements.  Users will notice changes on the CHAMPS screens.

Highlight of new features include:
  1.  A new UPLOAD/VIEW document button is located in PROVIDER PORTAL
  2.  New Icons are displayed when viewing the claim detail in CLAIM INQUIRY
  3.  When adjusting a claim an UPLOAD/VIEW document button is displayed on the claim header pages
  4.  When submitting a claim through CHAMPS Direct Data Entry, there will be an UPLOAD DOCUMENTS button displayed after the claim has been submitted.

Document Management Portal (DMP)
Predictive Modeling Messaging
DMP for Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)
DMP Announcement
DMP Tutorial 
DMP Frequently Asked Questions

Compatibility Settings

Predictive Modeling and DMP Billing Tips for Hospitals

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