MDCH Radically Expands Prescription Drug Web Site

Contact: T.J. Bucholz 517-241-2112
Agency: Community Health

Michigan Department of Community Health Director Janet Olszewski today announced extensive upgrades to the state's existing prescription drug web site, including the addition of 120 new prescription drugs that Michigan consumers can now evaluate to view lowest prices in their area.

"Since we first introduced our web site last year, we have repeatedly said that as we work toward expanding our site, more prescription drugs would be added as information became available.  Today, Michigan consumers have the ability to evaluate the lowest available prices for 150 of the most commonly prescribed drugs in their area - from Amoxicillin to Zyrtec." Olszewski said.  "We believe the increased utility of the state's web site will give citizens the access they deserve and the ability to save thousands of dollars on their prescription drugs per year."

The expanded web site - found at - provides information to consumers so they may search prescription drug prices by city or by zip code. Users can select the pharmacy closest to them, or look at pharmacy prices from as far as 100 miles away from their homes - within Michigan's borders.  As a new feature, users also have immediate directional access to the pharmacy of choice, as pharmacy locations are immediately linked via Mapquest.

Other new features on the web site include an A to Z listing of all 150 available drugs, links to programs and companies that provide free prescription drugs, and addresses and telephone numbers that make contacting pharmacies easy for consumers.  Eventually, MDCH also will add expanded prescription drug warnings for all 150 drugs as well.

Most notably, the expanded site also includes a new feature that allows users to file complaints with MDCH when they believe drug pricing information is incorrect or price gouging may be occurring. 

"The pricing complaint function allows consumers to communicate directly with us if they believe information to be incorrect or in error," Olszewski said.  "We want citizens to have the ability to report possible prescription drug pricing inaccuracies as soon as possible, since prescription drug prices can vary daily."
The web site also contains links to five commonly used discount programs for prescription drugs: the Michigan Prescription Drug Discount Card (MI-Rx), the national Together Rx Access Card, the Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP), RxAssist, and the Michigan Partnership for Prescription Assistance program.
Michigan continues to be a leader in providing assistance with the cost of prescription drugs. Since the state's MI-Rx card debuted in September 2004, more than 43,000 uninsured Michigan citizens have taken advantage of the program.