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  • Michigan Reporting Requirements The regulations related to reporting requirements are listed below. The statute includes a measure that is intended to give physicians, insurance companies and the courts clear legislative policy on what must be reported to the state. Below is a brief overview of each section of the pertinent statute. Each section can be viewed in its entirety by selecting the link.

    Public Health Code section 333.16222

    This statute addresses the need for licensees to self report certain events and for other licensees to report their colleagues under certain circumstances.

    Public Health Code section 333.16243

    This statute contains the reporting requirements of insurance companies, the courts and other sources.

    Public Health Code section 333.20175

    This statute contains the reporting requirements for health facilities to report disciplinary action of a health professional.

National Patient Safety Legislation

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  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (Patient Safety Act): An Overview The goals of the Patient Safety Act are to encourage the expansion of voluntary, provider-driven initiatives to improve the safety of health care; to promote rapid learning about the underlying causes of risks and harms in the delivery of health care; and to share those findings widely, thus speeding the pace of improvement. The rules regarding PSOs, effective January 19, 2009, are also available on this site.