Welcome to Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration


Welcome to the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration Web Site.  I am pleased to present you with information about the supports and services for adults with serious mental illness, children with serious emotional disturbance, people with developmental disabilities, and people with substance use disorders.

The Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration is located within the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).  The administration carries out responsibilities specified in the Michigan Mental Health Code, the Michigan Public Health Code and administers Medicaid Waivers for people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, serious emotional disturbance and substance disorders.  Public Act 258 of 1974 codified, revised, consolidated and classified the laws relating to mental health. The Public Health Code defines the laws for substance abuse treatment.

Service Delivery System

Mental Health and Developmental Disability services in Michigan are delivered through a county-based community mental health services programs (CMHSPs). MDCH, along with 46 regional Community Mental Health Services Programs(CMHSPs), contracts public funds for mental health, and developmental disability services.  Medicaid funds, which are paid on a per Medicaid- eligible capitated basis, are contracted with CMHSPs, or affiliations of CMHSPs, as Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs). Each region is required to have an extensive array of services that allows for maximizing choice and control on the part of individuals in need of service. Individual plans of service are developed using a person-centered planning process for adults and a person-centered process and family-centered care for children. MDCH is actively promoting values of recovery and resiliency. MDCH contracts with 10 of its PIHPs to provide Medicaid Specialty Services. Limited outpatient mental health services are available through Medicaid Health Plans (MHPs).

The The Office of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) oversees treatment and prevention efforts related to substance abuse and problem gambling addictions in Michigan. Substance Abuse services are provided through the 10 PIHPs that are responsible for assuring services are available to those in need of help.

Approximately eighty staff at the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration in Lansing manage contracts with, provide technical assistance and consultation to, and monitor the quality of the care provided by the CMHSPs. The administration also establishes the policy directions and standards for the statewide system. The vision and mission that drive the policies and standards are listed below.

In addition to information about supports and services, CMHSPs, and current Department activities, you will find on these web pages spotlights on important upcoming events, and links to helpful resources.