Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month-March

Melina Bucci with representative from Senator Moolenaar office


March is Developmental Disabilities (DD) Awareness Month


In 1987 President Ronald Reagan passed a proclamation declaring March National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. 

This year the Council will be participating by celebrating people with developmental disabilities. Here is a copy of the 2017 March is Developmental Disabilities Month signed by Governor Snyder.   Below you will find examples of things you can do in your community to celebrate DD Awareness Month.



1. Post content on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here is a sample social media calendar for Facebook. 

2. Start a campaign to end the use of the word "Retarded." Sign the pledge today by clicking the link: End the use of the R-word

3. Hold a viewing party to watch Possibilities DVD (from Wayne State’s Developmental   Disabilities Institute) and have a discussion afterward.

4. Write a press release declaring it DD Awareness Month. SAMPLE press release

5. 31 Days of DD Awareness Month---Post content each day that sheds light on Developmental Disabilities. SAMPLE facebook/twitter posts

6. Each week send an article to your newspaper about a person with a disability in your community that is doing something positive. SAMPLE letter

7. Partner with other organizations in the community to promote DD Awareness month.

8. Use DD Month as an opportunity to write a letter to the residents of your community to acknowledge their support in making housing, jobs, schools, worship, and recreation accessible to their fellow citizens who have developmental disabilities.

9. Ask for a proclamation —send to your county commissioner.  Contact them for more information.  SAMPLE proclamation Instructions on how to send proclamation

10. Hold a “Meet the community breakfast" or "brown-bag lunch" —  Invite them over to discuss issues in your community affecting people with developmental disabilities.

11. Hold a poster contest — promote the contest in your community news and display the winning piece in your newsletter or local community center

12. Reach out to local media — encourage local TV or radio news to run a feature on a community member with a disability or  talk about DD Awareness month

13. Feature DD awareness month in your newsletter —Articles can inform community members about DD and encourage them to approach community members.

14. Stage an awards ceremony or banquet to honor outstanding community leaders or volunteers who work with your organization. Even if the event is after March, use March as I/DD Month to create the reason for the ceremony. Or, honor a member of the local media for reporting on issues affecting people with I/DD and be sure to alert all of the local media about the award.

15. Contact civic clubs such as Lions, Kiwanis, Civitan, Rotary International, Jaycees, Junior League and offer to provide them with a speaker (local leader) for their March meetings.

16. Give your local reporters a brief guide to writing using people first language

17. Just go out in the community! 

18. Facebook banners you can use
       orange banner              green banner