Home-Based Services

Michigan's home-based family service philosophy promotes delivery of services to families in their homes in order to achieve permanence for children, while maintaining and strengthening the family integrity. These services are provided to Medicaid-eligible individuals in families with multiple service needs who require access to a continuum of mental health services. The Mental Health Home-Based Services intervention combines the use of individual therapy, family therapy, case-management and family collateral contacts as an approach to reducing reliance on placement in substitute care settings such as hospitals or residential treatment centers. Services are primarily provided in the family home or community and may vary in intensity, application and duration depending on the needs of the family. Home-based services are designed through a planning process that mandates the active participation of the family as members of the home-based services team. The resulting plan of service becomes the on-going guideline for service delivery. The plan of service is a comprehensive plan which identifies family strengths and needs, determines appropriate interventions and identifies resources developed in collaboration with family members and other agencies. Home-based services are accessed through local community mental health services programs (CMHSPs). The Division of Mental Health Services to Children and Families certifies home-based services programs operated through CMHSPs and provides training and technical assistance to home-based services staff and programs.

Contact:  Jennifer Stentoumis 517-335-6258, Stentoumisj@michigan.gov