Selection of the Project Facilitator

The Michigan legislature approved a revised version of Section 298 as part of Public Act 107 of 2017. Under the revised Section 298, the Michigan legislature directed the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to develop and implement up to three pilots and one demonstration model to test the integration of physical health and behavioral health services. 

Under the revised Section 298 language, the Michigan legislature also directed the department to recruit a project facilitator to assist with the development and implementation of the pilots and demonstration model. In August 2017, the department designated the Michigan Public Health Institute as the project facilitator for the Section 298 Initiative. The Michigan Public Health Institute will provide support to the department with facilitating stakeholder discussions and managing the development and implementation process. Jo Anna Trierweiler will serve as the main project facilitator, and Jane Pilditch will serve as the co-facilitator.

The department will be working with the project facilitator to announce the next phase of the Section 298 discussion in September 2017. The next phase will focus on (1) the development of the structure of the pilot(s) and demonstration model and (2) the development of the evaluation process. The department will provide additional information about the next phase of the Section 298 Initiative in the near future.