298 Facilitation Workgroup

Sections 298 requires the Department to “work with a workgroup to make recommendations regarding the most effective financing model and policies for behavioral health services in order to improve the coordination of behavioral and physical health services for individuals with mental illnesses, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders. The workgroup shall include, but not be limited to, the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards, Medicaid health plans, and advocates for consumers of behavioral health services.”

In accordance with Section 298, the Department has convened the 298 Facilitation Workgroup to assist with the development of the official recommendations. The workgroup will assist the Department in facilitating a statewide discussion on improving the coordination of physical health and behavioral health services.

The following individuals are members of the 298 Facilitation Workgroup:

  • Arlene Kashata
  • Bob Nykamp
  • Bob Sheehan
  • Christ Priest
  • Dohn Hoyle
  • Dr. Stephanie Brady
  • Elmer Cerano
  • Heidi Chan
  • Ryan Grinnell-Ackerman
  • Jane Shank
  • Jill Gerrie
  • Joe Sedlock
  • Kathy Swantek
  • Kevin Fischer
  • Laura Appel
  • Linda Burghardt
  • Lisa Hotovy
  • Lynda Zeller
  • Mark Reinstein
  • Matt Lori
  • Norm DeLisle
  • Sam Price
  • Tiffany Stone

The following individuals are alternates for specific workgroup members:

  • Alan Bolter
  • Dominick Pallone
  • Erin Emerson
  • Mark McWilliams
  • Michele Lundberg
  • Phillip Bergquist
  • Sara Coates
  • Sherri Boyd
  • Tom Renwick

The following individuals also participate in the workgroup:

  • Eric Houghtaling            
  • Farah Hanley        
  • Geralyn Lasher        
  • Jamie Zaniewski                
  • Jared Welehodsky
  • Jon Breems
  • Katrina Steinsultz
  • Kristen Jordan
  • Sheri Falvay

Phil Kurdunowicz is the coordinator for the workgroup.