Find Certified Lead Professionals and Contractors

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According to Michigan law, any person performing lead-based paint activities in houses built before 1978, or in child-occupied facilities, must be certified by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The lists below are regularly updated, but may not be completely accurate. If you have a person or company's name, you can check their certification here: . Please ensure that you click on the both published certification number to see if they are currently certified, the status will be listed as active or certified. If they are not current, the status will be listed as lapsed.

Lead Abatement Workers, Supervisors, and Contractors

Lead Abatement Workers and Supervisors work for Lead Abatement Contractors. They are responsible for lead hazard control activities. They remove lead from homes.

Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors

Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors find and assess lead-based paint. Read more about what to expect from a Lead Inspection and/or Risk Assessment here.

Project Designers

Project Designers plan lead removal projects.

Licenses Revoked by the Department


Rental Property Owners seeking to comply with City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code requiring all rental property owners to get an annual Certificate of Compliance for all rental properties:  The Detroit Enforcement Work Group has compiled a list of recommended lead inspector/risk assessors that can perform the necessary work.