Health Disparities Reduction and Minority Health Section (HDRMHS)

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MISSION: To provide a persistent and continuing focus on assuring health equity and eliminating health disparities among Michigan's populations of color.

  • African Americans 
  • American Indians/Alaska Natives 
  • Arab and Chaldean Americans 
  • Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders 
  • Hispanics/Latinos 


HDRMHS major activities are:

  • To support and initiate programs, policies, and applied research to address social determinants of health that contribute to health inequities for racial and ethnic minority populations in Michigan;
  • To collaborate in the development of Michigan Department of Community Health prevention, health service delivery, and research strategies in an effort to improve health outcomes for racial and ethnic minority populations in Michigan; and,
  • To facilitate implementation of culturally and linguistically appropriate health services throughout the Michigan Department of Community Health.


‘‘Cultural Proficiency: Developing Cultural Competency from the Inside Out’’ Training Registration

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Health Disparities Reduction and Minority Health Section (HDRMHS) is pleased to offer a Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) workshop entitled ‘Cultural Proficiency: Developing Cultural Competency from the Inside Out’.

Relevant Legislation
Relevant Legislation includes the Executive Order, Public Act 653, the biography of Rev. Dr. Murphy and the Minority Health Month Timeline.

Documents/Annual Reports
Documents/Annual Reports includes Michigan Health Equity Roadmap, Public Act 653 health reports, and the Michigan Health Equity Practice Guide.

Minority Health Data Reports
Minority Health Data reports includes the Minority Health BRFS Surveys, Michigan Health Equity Status Report, and the Mortality Rates by Race and Ethnicity Slides.

Minority Health Surveys
The HDRMHS helped fund stand-alone Behavioral Risk Factor Surveys (BRFS) on specific racial/ethnic populations within Michigan. For full reports and summary reports click on link above. 






Michigan Health Equity Toolkit:

Holes In the Mitten (Video):
A vision and framework for improving the social and health status of racial/ethnic populations in Michigan.

Included is the Michigan Health Equity Toolkit and the Health LiteracyToolkit (coming soon).

Pregnancy and Infant Health Indicators among Asian and Pacific Islanders in Michigan
The 2016 report provides maternal and infant health outcomes by specific Asian/Pacific Islander groups in Michigan.
Full Report   Summary

Michigan Health Equity Data Project
Presents comparable data for racial/ethnic populations in Michigan as a means to monitor progress towards health equity.

2011 Full Report    2013 Update HE Data Slides

Michigan Health Equity Status Report 
Michigan's first health equity status report, focusing on maternal and child health.

The Medicaid Health Equity Project is the next step in the state's strategy to identify and reduce health disparities in Medicaid.


Minority Health Data Slides

Mortality Rates by Race and Ethnicity Slides

Immunization Disparity Resources


HDRMHS Grant Programs

Minority Health Month
Activities conducted in recognition of National Minority Health Month (April)
Health Equity Resources  
The History of Minority Health Month  

Michigan Department of Community Health
Health Disparities Reduction & Minority Health Section
Sheryl Weir, Section Manager or 313.456.4355