Birth Defects Reporting Forms

Birth Defects Reporting

Birth Defects ManualAdobe Document
Birth Defects Report FormAdobe Document
Birth Defects Electronic Reporting File SpecificationsMS Excel Worksheet

Cytogenetics Laboratory Reporting

Cytogenetics ManualAdobe Document
Cytogenetics Report FormAdobe Document

Reportable Birth Defects

The Birth Defects Crosswalk sheet MS Excel Worksheet represents the most recent list of conditions reportable to the Michigan Birth Defects Registry.  Both ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes and their ICD-10-CM equivalent are listed in this table. 

Reportable Birth Defects by ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes MS Excel Worksheet

Note: Go here for birth defects prevalence and mortality statistical tables, or, for information regarding birth defects prevention, health services, newborn screening and public policy, go to the Michigan's Genetics Resource Center.