State Prescription Drug Discount Card Saves Citizens Millions

Contact: T.J. Bucholz (517) 241-2112
Agency: Community Health

May 4, 2007

A recent review conducted by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) indicates that citizens enrolled in the state's prescription drug discount card program save a cumulative total of $2 million annually, thanks to the card's wide acceptance at pharmacies across Michigan.

Introduced by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm in October 2004, the MiRx card is designed to benefit residents who do not have any prescription drug coverage.

Currently, the state's MiRx card has more than 41,000 citizens enrolled, with combined savings of more than $130,000 per month-at no cost to the state. In 2006, those citizens saved two million dollars last year, thanks to the free discount card, Granholm said.

"With more than one million uninsured citizens in Michigan, connecting more than 41,000 citizens to this worthwhile program is one of the best ways to ensure that low income residents get their prescription drugs at reduced prices," Granholm said. "No one in Michigan should have to make the painful decision between groceries or life-saving prescription drugs. The MiRx card helps thousands ease budgetary pressures in households all over the state."

The program-the largest of its kind in the nation-is unique because it does not target a specific age group. Any citizen that meets the following criteria is eligible to save money on prescription drugs in the MiRx program:

- Must be a resident of the State of Michigan

- Have no other prescription drug coverage

- Have an income level at or below the state's median income level (example: Median Income Level for a family size of four is $56,550, family of two is $37,470)

"Governor Granholm remains committed-now more than ever-to making health care more accessible and affordable to all of Michigan's citizens. The MiRx card is another example of the Governor keeping her promises and improving the quality of living in Michigan," said Janet Olszewski, MDCH Director. "I strongly encourage anyone who might be eligible to call or go online to be a part of this program."

Citizens can save up to 25 percent off of their prescription drug bills, and there is no fee to enroll or use the MiRx discount card. Plan members can use their discount prescription card at more than 2,300 pharmacies statewide, including all major chains and some mail order pharmacies. To ask questions, get answers, and sign-up to be a part of the MiRx card, please call the toll-free hotline at 1-866-755-6479 and have an application mailed to your home. The MDCH web site can also be visited at