Michigan Rehabilitation Services Online Orientation

The MRS Online Orientation allows you, the customer, to view videos explaining what MRS does and if they can assist you with obtaining employment. Before you begin viewing the Online Orientation you might want to print out the Six Steps to Vocational Rehabilitation Booklet MRS-Pub-307  and use this booklet to follow along during Orientation. Also, this is a good place to write down any comments, questions, or concerns you may have while watching the Orientation.

The MRS Online Orientation is presented in 10 different sections. You need to review all 10 sections for a complete overview of the MRS Orientation process. You may review each section as many times as you feel necessary. As you go through the Orientation and think of a question, stop the video and write your question down (preferably on the page in the Six Steps to Vocational Rehabilitation Booklet MRS-Pub-307 that refers to your question). You may also find some of your concerns or questions are answered in a later section of the Orientation. If not, you have a list of questions to ask your MRS rehabilitation counselor when you meet with them to discuss how MRS will determine your eligibility and what assistance may be available to you.

You are now ready to begin viewing the Online Orientation to learn about Michigan Rehabilitation Services and if MRS is the right place for you to go to help you become employed!

Section 1 - Welcome to Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Section 2 - Six Steps to Vocational Rehabilitation
Section 3 - Determining Eligibility
Section 4 - Career Exploration
Section 5 - Creating Your Individualized Plan for Employment and Following Your Plan
Section 6 - Finding Employment
Section 7 - Closing your Case
Section 8 - Your Rights and Responsibilities
Section 9 - MRS Special Programs and Partners
Section 10 - Becoming an MRS Customer 

Additional Sites
MRS Office Locator

Michigan Rehabilitation Services Farm Rehabilitation   

Certificate of Completion
Checklist for Meeting with an MRS Rehabilitation Counselor 
(print this list and bring it with you to your appointment with your MRS Counselor).

Michigan Council for Rehabilitation Services
Client Assistance

MRS Mission 

MRS partners with individuals and employers to achieve quality employment outcomes and independence for individuals with disabilities.

MRS Vision

MRS will be a premiere organization to promote an inclusive workforce system that provides each individual with a disability the opportunity for employment leading to independence.

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