Michigan Rehabilitation Executive Office

Executive Office
Lewis Cass Building - 1N
320 S. Walnut
P.O. Box 30010
Lansing, MI 48909
800-605-6722 (toll free, voice)*

*TTY users may contact Michigan Rehabilitation Services by dialing 711 and providing the relay operator with the toll free number (800-605-6722).

Suzanne Howell, Bureau Director
517-373-3390 (voice)
517-373-0565 (fax)

Vacant, Deputy Director

Tina Fullerton
Deputy Division Director
Program Innovation and Policy

517-243-3342 (cell)
517-373-0565 (fax)

Margie Hojara-Hadsell
Division Director
Western, Central & Northern Division

517-373-7458 (voice)
517-243-1855 (cell)
517-373-0565 (fax)

James Bunton
Division Director
Southeastern Division

517-243-7988 (cell)
517-373-0565 (fax)

Paul Mulka
Division Director
Michigan Career & Technical Institute (MCTI)

1161 West Pine Lake Road
Plainwell, MI 49080
269-664-4461 (voice)
269-664-9546 (fax)