Fall 2017 Immunization Conferences

Agency: Community Health

 A group of diverse health care providers - some females, some males, different ethnicities


Dates and Locations

October 10 - Marquette

October 12 - Gaylord

October 17 - Lansing

October 18 - Flint

October 20 - Kalamazoo

November 14 - Grand Rapids

November 16 - Dearborn

November 17 - Troy

Michigan's Annual Immunization Conferences

The MDHHS Fall Regional Immunization Conferences offer an excellent opportunity for health care professionals to get up-to-date information on vaccines. These conferences have been offered annually for more than 20 years, and consistently receive high ratings from attendees. Their primary goal is to update providers on immunization issues that affect people of all ages.

The conferences are appropriate for nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, public health staff, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, medical and nursing students, and anyone interested in learning more about current immunization practice in Michigan.

While the conferences are intended for all immunizing providers representing diverse health care settings, physicians’ offices, in particular, may benefit from this immunization update and networking opportunity. However, everyone is welcome to attend this conference, and health care professionals from a variety of settings will find this training opportunity beneficial.

Michigan's 2017 Annual Immunization Conferences Flyer

Continuing Education

We will apply for continuing education credits. Once our applications have been accepted and approved, we will post more details on this web page.

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More Information

Contact Rosemary Franklin at franklinr@michigan.gov.