Transportation Timeline

Horatio Earle became Michigan's first Highway Commissioner in 1905.Highway Department links the Upper and Lower peninsulas with state-owned ferry service at the Straits of Mackinac in 1923. The nation's first centerline painted on River Road near Trenton in 1911.International Bridge opens in 1962, linking the twin cities of Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan and Ontario Nation's largest concrete segmental bridge opens, the Zilwaukee Bridge carrying I-75 over the Saginaw River.U.S. DOT names Woodward Avenue - Detroit's main drag - as a National Byway.

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This graphic is a spacer and consists of 50 pixels of white space.The nation's first centerline painted on River Road near Trenton in 1911.The first state-owned roadside park opens on M-43, east of East LansingThe five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge opens to traffic in 1957, linking Michigan's two peninsulas. 'MDOT develops nation's largest vanpool program for public employees--1977-80. MDOT establishes the first Web site hosted by a state agency in 1995.


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