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    Adopt-A-Highway program inaugurated in Michigan

    MDOT wins award for nation's first handicapper-accessible vanpool vehicle (Kalamazoo County)

    The last four miles of Michigan's 1,241-mile interstate system is finished when I-69 opens southwest of Lansing

    MDOT develops the first vehicle that can measure the curve and grade of a roadway while traveling at highway speeds

    MDOT becomes the first agency in the world to automate projects from the construction site through cutting the contractor's check.

    MDOT dedicates Employee Memorial at Clare Welcome Center on US-127 - a tribute to workers killed while working on Michigan highways

    MDOT establishes the first Web site hosted by a state agency

    The opening of the second span of the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron (original span opened in 1938)

    The 100-millionth vehicle crosses the Mackinac Bridge

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