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Bridge Field Services

• Bridge Field Services Advisories

Construction Field Services

• Aggregate Source Inventory Database & Bituminous Mix Design Nomograph Guide

• BOH - Instructional Memorandums

• Buy America - Compliance Listing for Approved Manufacturers, Qualified Products List and Tested Stock Suppliers

• Buy America - Pay Items and Materials that Require Step Certification PDF icon

• Buy America - Pay Items and Materials that Require Step Certification (effective for projects in the November 2, 2012, letting and beyond) PDF icon

• Capital Preventive Maintenance Manual PDF icon

• Certified Payroll Status Record Excel icon

• Construction Advisories

• Density Testing and Inspection Manual (5 MB) PDF icon

• Dispute Review Board (DRB) Candidate List PDF icon

• Dispute Review Board (DRB) Operating Procedures PDF icon

• Documentation Guide (Minimum Documentation Requirements for Pay Item Approvals and Material Acceptance) PDF icon

• File Manual for Construction Records PDF icon

• Guidelines for Administering Warranties on Road and Bridge Construction Contracts PDF icon

• Guidelines for using the Special Provision for Quality and Compliance PDF icon

• HMA Production Manual PDF icon

• Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Percent Within Limits (PWL) Worksheets

• MDOT Construction Manual

• Manual for the Michigan Test Methods (MTM'S) PDF icon

• Materials Quality Assurance Procedures Manual

• Materials Source Guide

• Michigan Structure Inventory and Appraisal Coding Guide PDF icon

• Pavement Design and Selection Manual PDF icon

• Portland Cement Concrete PWL Worksheet (12SP602(F)) Excel icon

• Portland Cement Concrete PWL Worksheet (12SP604(B)) 10/18/12 Excel icon

• Portland Cement Concrete PWL Worksheet (12SP604(B)) 8/2/13 Excel icon

• Prevailing Wage Compliance

• Procedures For Aggregate Inspection PDF icon

• Prompt Payment, Sworn Statement Form (MDOT Form 5602)

• Prompt Payment, Waiver of Lien Forms (MDOT Forms 5611-5614)

• Report 44 - State Highway Bridges, Culverts and Grade Separations

• Research Newsletters

• Research Reports

• Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Manual PDF icon

• Sworn Statements and Waivers of Lien Documentation PDF icon

• Technician Certifications

• Work Element Plan for Engineering Technicians PDF icon


• Bridge Design Guides

• Bridge Design Guides - Metric Archive

• Bridge Design Manual

• Bridge Design Manual-Metric Archive

• Design Advisories

• Design Survey Manual

• Drainage Manual

• Guidelines for Plan Preparation, Bridge Sample Plans

• Guidelines for Plan Preparation, Road Sample Plans

• Innovative Construction Contracting PDF icon

• Road Design Manual

• Road Design Manual-Metric Archive

• Scoping Manual

E-Pub Manuals

• Download e-Pub Reader (Adobe Digital Editions)
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The following MDOT e-Pub manuals must be downloaded and un-zipped prior to viewing.

• Field Manual for Pile Welding ZIP icon

• Prevailing Wage Compliance and Certified Payrolls ZIP icon


• Maintenance Advisories

• Maintenance Memos

Materials Source Guide

There is currently no content in this category.

Previous Versions of Entire Materials Source Guide

• Printer Friendly - revised 03/04/10 PDF icon

• Printer Friendly - revised 04/11/11 PDF icon

• Printer Friendly - revised 10/07/10 PDF icon

• Printer Friendly - revised 2012 PDF icon

• Printer Friendly - revised 2013 PDF icon

Sections of Materials Source Guide

• Appendix/VI Quantities PDF icon

• Approved Manufacturers PDF icon

• Approved Suppliers PDF icon

• Definitions PDF icon

• Index PDF icon

• Materials Acceptance Requirements Table PDF icon

• Qualified Products PDF icon

• Selecting and Shipping Samples PDF icon

• Table of Contents PDF icon

• Tested Stock PDF icon

Project Planning

• Guidelines for Geometrics (4R, 3R, PM) PDF icon

• Transportation Management System (TMS)

System Operations and Management

• Work Zone Safety and Mobility Manual PDF icon

• Maintenance Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines PDF icon

• System Operations Advisories

• Traffic Regulating Instruction Manual, June 2010 (Full Size) PDF icon

Traffic & Safety

• Traffic Standards, Special Details, MOT, Guides, MMUTCD, and Consultant Files

• Traffic and Safety Advisories

• Traffic and Safety Sight Distance Guidelines PDF icon

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