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TRAC - Transportation and Civil Engineering
Bridge Contest Winners 2012
2013 Michigan Bridge Challenge.
Since 2004, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has been offering the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) TRAC (Transportation and Civil Engineering) Program to schools in Michigan. TRAC is a hands-on education program designed for integration into science, math and social science classes.
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• Portage Team highlights at the TRAC 2013 National Bridge Challenge in Providence, Rhode Island PDF icon

• Michigan TRAC Program Coordinators PDF icon For more information, contact
Julie Van Portfliet 906-786-1830 Ext. 317

MDOT Statewide TRAC Summer Internship Program

• Attention 12th Grade High School Students!
Interns have the opportunity to participate in a statewide program that involves hands-on civil engineering experiences through the TRAC Pipeline Internship Program. TRAC Internship

Design/Build Challenges

• 2014 Michigan Design & Build Bridge Challenge April 17, 2014

- Applications due: November 1, 2013
- Bridge Report Portfolios must be post marked on or before February 22, 2014
- Competition acceptance notifications will be emailed on March 7, 2014
- 2014 Statewide Design & Build Bridge Challenge April 17, 2014

• View Brochure PDF icon

• 2014 Design and Build Bridge Challenge Rules & Guidelines

• Download and Install MicroStation PowerDraft V8i Edition

Follow the download sequence on the download page and install each one in proper sequence to take advantage of the powerful new MicroStation PowerDraft V8 XM Edition.

• Frequently Asked Questions (Revised 2/11/2014) PDF icon

• Michigan TRAC Program Coordinators PDF icon

• National TRAC Bridge Competition

- Applications due: November 1, 2013
- Proposals due: February 22, 2014
- Competition finals are in Louisville, Kentucky, May 2014
Note: There are differences in the guidelines and due dates for the Michigan and National comeptitions. Please read the rules carefully.

• Upcoming TRAC Training
*Registration is required to attend TRAC training sessions.

To Be Announced


• Bridge Builder - Building Math Skills Algebra, geometry and physics are applied to the design and construction of bridges.

• Highway Development and the Environment Social studies and the sciences come together as students consider the environmental issues an science involved with highway planning.

• The Physics of Highway Safety

• Magnetic Levitation Students put magnetic levitation cars through their paces while learning Newton's First and Second Laws of Motion.

• Motion and the Transportation Engineer - Physics Momentum and impulse are brought to life for high school or middle school science classes.

• Roadway Design and Construction Showcases the wide range of disciplines (including math, social studies and technology) involved in taking a road from design to construction.

• Traffic Technology - Physics and Computers Linear motion, basic circuits and Boolean logic for high school students.


• AASHTO Video: U.S. Critically Short of Civil Engineers

• TRAC Engineer Volunteers PDF icon

• Civil Engineering Colleges in Michigan PDF icon

• TRAC/Michigan Education Standards

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