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Transportation Funding: No Easy Fix
  • Time for Action on Infrastructure

    The deteriorating condition of Michigan's roads and bridges is an issue in every part of the state. Years of under-investment, coupled with increased fuel efficiency, has eroded the funding available for transportation and accelerated the decline in pavement and bridge condition. Both state and local road agencies have taken steps to improve asset management, increase the effectiveness of existing investment, reduce costs, and employ innovative approaches that make the most of their limited funding. Despite these efforts, it’s clear that without significant additional investment, our roads and bridges will only continue to get worse.

    Improving the condition of Michigan’s transportation infrastructure is a critical step needed to continue Michigan’s reinvention. It’s time to take action on the need for additional transportation funding. Just Fix the Roads Video

  • MDOT's Reality CheckThere are many common myths and misconceptions about transportation in Michigan, from why MDOT replaces "perfectly good" signs to why current funding levels aren't enough to keep roads and bridges in good condition.

    Transportation Reality Check takes on some of these myths, and explains why MDOT does things the way they do.
Transportation Funding Infographics