I-96 at Cascade Road Diverging Diamond Interchange, Grand Rapids

Start: July 2015     End: November 2016
Investment: $15.7 million
What Is Being Done?

I-96/Cascade Road interchange aerialThe Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will make safety and operational improvements to the I-96/Cascade Road interchange in Grand Rapids Township, Kent County. The project includes:

  • Reconfiguring the interchange to a diverging diamond interchange (DDI), including removal of the two existing loop-style exit ramps and reconstruction of four ramps;
  • Reconstructing Cascade Road between Cascade West Parkway and Kenmoor Avenue; 
  • Resurfacing Cascade Road between Kenmoor Avenue and Forest Hills Avenue (work by Kent County Road Commission);
  • Replacing the Cascade Road bridge over I-96 with two new bridges, one for eastbound Cascade Road over I-96 and one for westbound Cascade Road over I-96;
  • New traffic signals on Cascade Road at the freeway ramps; and
  • Adding sidewalk along Cascade Road between East Paris Avenue and Kenmoor Avenue.
How Will Traffic Be Affected?


  • Cascade Road and I-96 lanes will remain open with no closures during the winter seasonal shutdown period.
  • During demolition of the existing bridge, Cascade Road will be closed and I-96 traffic will be diverted up and over the ramps. Cascade Road closures will be limited to weekend closures (Friday night through Monday morning). 
  • I-96 will be reduced to one lane in each direction during these closures and detoured up and over the ramps.
  • I-96 traffic also will be stopped occasionally at night for short durations during bridge beam setting.
  • Intermittent shoulder closures and lane shifts will occur on I-96 during temporary widening and bridge and ramp reconstruction.
  • Lane closures and traffic shifts will be required on Cascade Road during roadway and bridge reconstruction.
  • Access to businesses will be maintained during construction.
Additional Information:

Diverging diamond interchanges (DDI) are diamond interchanges that more efficiently handle areas of heavy left-turn traffic. While the ramp configuration is similar to a traditional diamond interchange, traffic on the crossroad moves to the left side of the roadway for the segment between signalized ramp intersections.

Cascade Road over I-96 Diverging Diamond Interchange Rendering PDF icon
Cascade Road over I-96 Diverging Diamond Interchange Aerial PDF icon

For more information on diverging diamond interchanges, visit www.divergingdiamond.com.

Contact Us:

Christopher Van Norwick, P.E.
Project Manager
Grand Rapids Transportation Service Center, 616-464-1800

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