Michigan Freight Plan

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  • Image of the cover of the Michigan Freight PlanMDOT recognizes the importance of freight mobility in the movement of goods, products and services across Michigan. A safe, efficient and well-mailntained transportation network supports  cost-effective freight movement, economic development and improved quality of life.

    The Michigan Freight Plan provides a comprehensive overview of the state's freight transportation system, including existing assets, system performance and the investments required to ensure long-term success.  A multi-modal and intermodal resource, the plan provides an overall framework for freight system improvements and priorities. It is an element of the 2035 MI Transportation Plan and integrates its overall vision, goals, objectives, strategies and decision-making principles.

  • Public Participation & Outreach

    This Plan updates the 2035 Freight Plan to meet new requirements in the most recent federal transportation authorization bill, the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. The public is invited to provide comments and feedback on the draft plan. Comments can be made at the link below, or by writing Geralyn Ayers, Public Involvement and Hearings Officer, Bureau of Highway Development, Michigan Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 30050, Lansing, MI 48909. The public comment period was held from August 28th – Sep. 29th. The final Plan will be posted to the webpage in December, 2017.

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