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 •  R-062 - Recommendations for the Design of Concrete Pavement PDF icon
 •  R-046 - Design Recommendations for Industrial Express Highway PDF icon
 •  R-045 - Design of Concrete Resurfacing PDF icon
 •  R-052 - Compilation of Design and Construction Data for Concrete Pavements on the State Trunkline System  PDF icon
 •  R-068 - The Design of Concrete Pavements for Post War Construction  PDF icon
 •  R-122 - Concrete Curb Design  PDF icon
 •  R-146 - Design and Construction of Joints in Concrete Pavement Surfaces PDF icon
 •  R-116 - Shoulder Construction Practice in Michigan PDF icon
 •  R-145 - Curing Concrete Pavements with Membranes PDF icon
 •  R-168 - American Steel and Wire Company Alternate 3 - By 12-in. Mesh for Concrete Pavements  PDF icon
 •  R-330 - Design Considerations for Reinforcement and Joint Spacing for Pavements with Small-Radius Curves PDF icon
 •  R-329 - Design Considerations for Steel Reinforcement in Continuously Reinforced Pavement PDF icon
 •  R-415R - Experimental Shoulder Stabilization: US-23 North of Alpena (MN 04032, C6) First Progress Report PDF icon
 •  R-405 - Placement of Steel: I-75 North of St. Ignace (Project No. BI 49025E, C18) PDF icon
 •  R-487 - Construction and Sealing of Transverse Contraction Joints Containing Acme Load Transfer Assemblies PDF icon
 •  RC-1594 - Preparation for Implementation of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide in Michigan - Part 2: Rehabilitation Evaluation
 •  R-561R - Prestressed Concrete Beam Construction Practice PDF icon
 •  R-609 - Procedure for Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements PDF icon
 •  R-743 - Pavement Joint Spacing in Portland Cement Concrete Pavements PDF icon
 •  R-758 - Theoretical Analysis of a Flexible Pavement Model PDF icon
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