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    Funding: Planning Team

    Planning Team meeting, October 27, 2003
    Leon Hank
    MDOT Chief Administrative Officer
    Leon Hank
    MDOT Chief Administrative Officer
    Jim Steele
    Division Administrator, Federal Highway Association
    Charlene Crowell
    Policy Specialist, Michigan Land Use Institute
    Anthony Milo
    Executive Director, Michigan Road Builders Association
    John Niemela
    Executive Director, County Road Association of Michigan
    Myron Frierson
    Chief Administrative Officer, Michigan Department of Transportation
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    Expert Comments Summary PDF icon
         Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
    Planning Team Comments PDF icon
    Issues, Goals and Actions (draft) PDF icon

    Expert Comments
    Transportation Funding
    Myron Frierson, Director, Bureau of Finance & Administration
    Michigan Department of Transportation
    Presentation PDF icon

    National Near-Term View
    Jim Kolb, Director of Congressional Relations
    American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)

    Local Viewpoint
    Brent O. Bair, Managing Director
    Oakland County Road Commission
    Presentation PDF icon

    Transit & Multi-Modal Funding Perspective
    Kelly C. Thayer, Transportation Project Manager
    Michigan Land Use Institute
    Presentation PDF icon

    Political Realities
    Craig Theil, Fiscal Analyst, Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency
    William E. Hamilton, Senior Fiscal Analyst
    Michigan House Fiscal Agency
    Presentation PDF icon

    A Future Perspective
    Don Bullock, Executive Coordination Unit Manager
    Federal Highways Administration
    Presentation PDF icon

    General Revenue Enhancement Sources
    Eric Lupher, Senior Research Associate
    Citizens Research Council
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