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    Land Use: Planning Team

    Planning Team meeting, October 27, 2003
    Facilitator: Kirk Steudle, MDOT Chief Deputy Director
    Moderators: Susan Mortel, Bureau Director, MDOT Transportation Planning

    View Expert Comments Summary PDF icon
    Planning Team Comments PDF icon
    Issues, Goals and Actions (draft) PDF icon

    Expert Comments
    Regional Growth: Choices for Our Future
    Jon Coleman, Executive Director
    Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
    Presentation PDF icon

    Land Use & Transportation Issues in the Tri-County Region: What Do Consumers Want?
    John Cavanaugh, Co-Owner

    Perspectives on a Variety of Statewide Transportation / Land Use Decisions
    Mark Wycoff, FAICP, President
    Planning & Zoning Center, Inc.

    The Transportation Land Use Link: The Smart Growth Alternative
    Bradley Strader, Partner in Charge
    Langworthy, Strader LeBLanc & Associates
    Presentation PDF icon

    Land Use / Transportation Issues in Industrial Development Decision-Making
    Ray Tadgerson, President and CEO
    Capital Consultants, Inc.

    Transportation's Impact on the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council
    Hans Voss, Executive Director
    Michigan Land Use Institute
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