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General Information and ProjectWise Support

You can find the installation file for ProjectWise Explorer on MDOT's ftp site by accessing this link:
ProjectWise Explorer Download
ProjectWise Explorer is the recommended tool for use by Contractors and Consultants. It is a full-featured computer program that is installed on a user's computer. Information on how to install and use ProjectWise Explorer can be found at the links below.
MDOT ProjectWise Explorer SS4 Installation pdf icon

MDOT ProjectWise Explorer SS4 Quick Guide pdf icon

ProjectWise Web Server allows a user to access ProjectWise data from a web browser. To access MDOT's ProjectWise Web server click the following link:

Information on how to install and use MDOT's ProjectWise Web Server can be found at the link below.
MDOT ProjectWise Web Quick Reference Card pdf icon

Information on how to install and use the ProjectWise Explorer Mobile app on an iPad can be found at the link below.

ProjectWise Explorer Mobile installation and instructions

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ProjectWise Contractor Training Webinar, December 21st, 2 pm EST; Register for this Session

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MDOT ProjectWise Construction File Index pdf icon

MDOT ProjectWise Standard Naming Convention Construction pdf icon

MDOT ProjectWise Work Flow Procedure Manual pdf icon

MDOT Contractor Training Powerpoint pdf icon

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