MentorPRO Available in Michigan!

MentorPRO logo NOTE:  Over the next several months, MentorPRO will be receiving a variety of significant updates which will allow for a new user interface, additional flexibility and customization options, and state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. It will allow for easier navigation and updated features requested by programs users. As a result, new user enrollment was suspended as of Friday, August 20, 2010.

In order to ensure resources and staff support are available to current program users, current users will be able to use MentorPRO in the interim, and all previously entered data will be accessible in the new site after it launches. The anticipated new user enrollment will resume in Spring 2011.

MentorPRO is an online data tracking and analysis system designed for mentoring programs to better manage their P rograms, manage mentoring R elationships and evaluate O utcomes.  MentorPRO provides mentoring programs with standardized measures and a common system for collecting, tracking and analyzing mentoring data.  

MentorPRO Frequently Asked Questions   (PDF)    

MentorPRO in Michigan
Mentor Michigan is placing an open call to mentoring programs across the state that are interested in learning about and using MentorPRO in Michigan.

In order to be considered as a MentorPRO user site, a program must:

  • Be registered in the Mentor Michigan Directory
  • Have completed the Wave V Mentor Michigan census
  • Demonstrate strong programmatic capacity (program must be at least one year old and establish evidence of long-term sustainability)
  • Work towards achieving the Mentor Michigan Program Standards
  • Be registered and maintain an active record in MENTOR's National Mentoring Database

If you have questions or would like to learn more about MentorPRO please contact Amber Troupe at  or call (517) 241-3493.

Resources for MentorPRO Users     

MentorPRO Orientation PowerPoint  (PDF) - This powerpoint is for sites that may be interested in gaining access to MentorPRO and need to know the basics like: how the system was created, what the system can do for your program, etc.

MentorPRO Basics Training PowerPoint  (PDF) - This powerpoint is for sites that currently have access to MentorPRO and would like a general tutorial before they start heavily using the system. It will take you through the step by step process of using MentorPRO but at a basic level. If you would like a more comprehensive introduction, please request a training from Mentor Michigan by emailing Amber Troupe at  or calling (517) 241-3493.

MentorPRO Video Tutorials  - These video tutorials are available on the Michigan Community Service Commission's YouTube channel to offer you step-by-step instructions on some of the most-used features of MentorPRO.  Below you will also find PDF documents highlighting the step-by-step instructions as well.

MentorPRO Tutorial: Add Mentor/Mentee  (PDF)
MentorPRO Tutorial: Bulk Upload  (PDF)
MentorPRO Tutorial: Multiple Matches  (PDF)
MentorPRO Tutorial: Match Supervision  (PDF)

If you'd like examples of how to create mentor/mentee request forms click on the links below.  There's also a form for parents/guardians to fill out if they'd like to get their child involved in mentoring.  These forms are all examples provided by MentorPRO:

Mentor Application  (PDF)
Mentee Application  (PDF)
Parent/Guardian Application  (PDF)