Michigan Association of Mayors Urges Leaders and Residents to Mentor

On Wednesday, April 30, mayors from across Michigan called on political and business leaders and citizens to mentor youth throughout the state.  The announcement came at the Michigan Association of Mayors' (MAM) annual press conference held at the State Capitol.  The press conference usually addresses key legislative issues.  This year MAM decided to focus on mentoring.


President of MAM and Adrian Mayor Gary McDowell told attendees the state and national recessions are causing personal and family hardships for more Michigan children than at any time in recent history and that mentoring was needed now more than ever.  Mayor McDowell is an active mentor in his community.


Also on hand to discuss the need for more mentors in the state, particularly male mentors, was Michigan Community Service Commission Executive Director Paula Kaiser VanDam.  VanDam also highlighted the fact mentoring organizations need critical resources to serve those mentor matches as well.


"Like all nonprofits, mentoring organizations are experiencing an increased demand for services and decreased funding and resources," VanDam said.  "They are in need of resources to support current and future matches.  For mentoring organizations to be successful in their communities, they need the support of government, businesses, foundations, and individuals.  They need people to bring awareness to the importance of mentoring, to provide operational funds, and to even host fun activities for mentors and mentees to participate in."


Although there are many Michigan mayors currently serving as mentors, MAM will continue to urge more elected leaders and citizens to do the same.  To find mentoring opportunities in your area, visit www.mentormichigan.org . 

Also available from the April 30 press conference is a video on  YouTube .