The following pertains to Manufacturers and Distributors of Associated Equipment.

The MGCB has identified and categorized specific items of Associated Equipment as defined generally by Rule 432.1101(c) and Rule 432.1103(b). These devices are represented in the Associated Equipment Matrix (see link below). As denoted in the reference material below, certain devices or systems require a MGCB Gaming-Related Supplier License as set forth in Rule 432.1321 prior to shipment to the casino licensee. Additionally, certain products, devices or systems require MGCB Gaming Lab approval in writing prior to shipment to and use by the casino licensee.

If the product requires MGCB Gaming Lab approval, the evaluation process is set forth in Rule 432.1842.   Please see Gaming Lab Forms for submission forms.

Additionally, up to two (2) complete working models or prototypes of the associated equipment may need to be submitted for evaluation with the submission. However, please contact the MGCB Gaming Lab before sending any equipment to the lab.

All submissions will be reviewed in the order they are received. Incomplete or inaccurate submissions will delay MGCB Gaming Lab evaluation.

Associated Equipment Matrix