Supplier Forms - Gaming/Non-Gaming Related

The MGCB provides forms in PDF (Portable Document Format) for downloading and use.  There is no computation, validation or verification of information you enter. Some information may have to be handwritten on the form (e.g., signatures).  Read more about Adobe Acrobat and install the latest version.

  Gaming Supplier License Application
  Gaming Supplier License Application Tables

   Non-Gaming Supplier License Application

   Non-Gaming Supplier License Application Tables

   Personal Disclosure Form

   Personal Disclosure Form Tables

   Limited Personal Disclosure Form

   Multi-Jurisdictional Personal Disclosure Form

   Multi-Jurisdictional Personal Disclosure Form Supplement

   Business Disclosure Form

   Business Disclosure Tables

   Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form
   Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form Supplement

 Supplier Renewal Forms – Gaming/Non-Gaming Related

   Supplier License Annual Renewal Report                                     

   Qualifier Individual Renewal

   Qualifier Business Renewal

   Qualifier Trust Renewal 

   Qualifier Individual Renewal Limited

   Personal Disclosure Form - Five-Year Renewal

   Supplier Renewal Report Tables                                               


Other Supplier Forms

   Non 206C-Institutional Investor Waiver                                                       

   Institutional Investor Manager

   Transfer of Interest - Application Form