Proposal E Ballot Language

The Language of Proposal E
as it appeared on Michigan's November 5, 1996, general election ballot

A Legislative Initiative to Permit Casino Gaming in Qualified Cities

The proposed law would:

  1. Permit up to three gaming casinos in any city that meets the following qualifications: has a population of 800,000 or more; is located within 100 miles of any other state or country in which gaming is permitted; and has had casino gaming approved by a majority of the voters in the city.
  2. Establish a Gaming Control Board to regulate casino gaming.
  3. Impose an 18% state tax on gross gaming revenues.
  4. Allocate 55% of tax revenue to the host city for crime prevention and economic development; allocate remaining 45% of tax funds to state for public education.

Should the proposed law be adopted?   Yes [__]     No [__]

Results ... 1,878,542 Yes (51.5%) vs. 1,768,156 No (48.5%)