Denial & Exclusion Hearings

 The following pertains to persons who have been:

  • Initially denied an occupational license
  • Denied renewal of an occupational license
  • Denied a transfer of ownership
  • Placed on the Exclusion List

A person may request a hearing under Part 7 of the MGCB Administrative Rules if the MGCB denies that person an initial license, a license renewal, a transfer of ownership or a required approval, or places the person on an exclusion list. The person requesting the hearing is the petitioner and may represent himself/herself at the hearing or may retain an attorney at the petitioner's own expense.

A request for hearing must be in writing and received by the MGCB within 21 days after service of the notice of denial, notice of non-renewal or notice of exclusion. A hearing request form is included with the MGCB notice of denial, non-renewal or exclusion. The petitioner must send the original and two copies of the Request for Hearing form by certified mail to:

Michigan Gaming Control Board
Attention: Hearings Clerk
Lottery Building
P.O. Box 30786
Lansing, MI 48909

The petitioner’s request for hearing form must include:

  • Specific reasons, supported by facts, for contesting the MGCB notice of denial, non-renewal or exclusion

  • Specific response to the facts listed in the MGCB notice of denial, non-renewal or exclusion

  • Signature, date and verification, which must be notarized and include the following certification: "Under the penalty of perjury, the undersigned has examined this request for hearing and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, complete, and correct."

A request for hearing may not be withdrawn or voluntarily dismissed if the MGCB determines it would not be in the best interest of the public or the gaming industry. If the MGCB allows a petitioner to withdraw a hearing request, the initial denial, non-renewal, or placement on the exclusion list becomes a final MGCB order.

The MGCB executive director will assign the petitioner's request for hearing a case number and title and appoint either a MGCB member or an administrative hearing officer to conduct a de novo hearing (a new hearing). The petitioner will be served with notice of the hearing officer's appointment and the time, date and place for the hearing.

Denial & Exclusion Hearing Process