This guide has been established to help potential horse racing licensees in the State of Michigan initiate the licensing process. In Michigan, the three primary types of racing include Standardbred, Thoroughbred, and Mixed Breed (Quarter Horse, Arabian, Appaloosa and American Paint). Each type of racing requires a separate license. Please note that all applicants must be participants in pari-mutuel horse racing in the state and must meet the standards and criteria set forth in the laws and regulations.

Step 1:

Familiarize yourself with Michigan laws and regulations that govern pari-mutuel horse racing in the state. 

Step 2:

Access and complete the Occupational License Application (select PDF or Word version). Inquiries can be made to the Horse Racing Section of the Legal Affairs & Gaming Regulation Division by contacting the MGCB Field Office located at the race track.  Note:  These offices are only opened on live race dates.  If you need immediate assistance please contact the Michigan Gaming Control Board at (313) 456-4100. 

If you are a first-time licensee in Michigan, you must submit a Racing Commissioners International (RCI) fingerprint card provided by the Legal Affairs and Gaming Regulation Division - Horse Racing Section. Completed fingerprints along with a check or money order for $36 (no cash) payable to the State of Michigan may be mailed to the Legal Affairs and Gaming Regulation Division - Horse Racing Section. In order to have fingerprint reports sent to all other jurisdictions to which you plan to apply, mark those jurisdictions on the back of the RCI fingerprint card. 

Step 3:

Sign and make copies of the completed application and either hand deliver to the MGCB - Racing office located at the Michigan racetrack where you will be participating or mail it along with the applicable fee to:

Michigan Gaming Control Board
Legal Affairs & Gaming Regulation Division

Attn:  Horse Racing Section

3062 West Grand Blvd., Suite L700
Detroit, MI 48202-6062

Step 4:

Once the application and fees have been processed, the applicant may obtain an identification badge at the MGCB-Racing Office located at the Michigan racetrack where you will be participating.