The following is provided as a general reference to help you better understand MGCB licensing requirements and procedures.

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Licensure Determination Flowchart - Use this flowchart to assist in the determination of your appropriate level of licensure and the applicable applications which need to be submitted.
The MGCB issues Supplier Licenses to many suppliers of goods/services, depending on the kinds of goods/services provided and the total monetary value of those goods/services.
Anyone providing nongaming-related goods or services must complete a Vendor Exemption Application form and obtain a vendor exemption number prior to commencing business with a casino licensee.
Many casino employees are required to be licensed by the MGCB in accordance with Michigan law.
If you are interested in working for a casino, or in providing goods/services to a casino, you should start by contacting a Casino operator. A license application will not be processed by the MGCB unless it is accompanied by a written statement from the casino.
Persons whose application for a license or a transfer of ownership has been denied, whose license has not been renewed, who has been placed on an exclusion list, or who has been denied an approval from the board required in these rules may request a hearing.
The Michigan Gaming Control Board may exempt persons or fields of commerce from the Supplier licensing requirements if certain provisions apply.
Vendor Exemption, Exemption, Supplier List